Volunteer Outreach


Our Corporate Stance On Human Trafficking

We the Sisters of Notre Dame of the California Province corporately stand in support of human rights and the dignity of each person. We, therefore, oppose the trafficking of all persons especially women and children for the purposes of sexual exploitation and forced labor.

We collaborate with the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking to provide a shelter for victims of human trafficking. Our financial contribution makes it possible for CAST to maintain a quality shelter that serves the special needs of women who are recovering from trafficking situations.

In addition to this direct ministry, we participate in the efforts of the Southern California Partners for Global Justice, a collaboration between various congregations of women religious, CAST, and other anti-trafficking organizations. Each year the partners produce the Justice Symposium held at Mount St. Mary’s in Los Angeles, which offers lectures and events focused on human trafficking and the social justice teaching of the Church.

Other Volunteer Ministries

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