Sponsored Institutions

The Sisters of Notre Dame have founded and administered over twenty schools in California. Guided by their Educational Vision and Principles, they continue to work in parish schools and operate four independent Catholic schools in Southern California. In addition, the sisters operate Notre Dame Learning Center Preschool, and Saint Julie Model Primary Boarding School in Uganda, Africa, which provides education for students from elementary through high school.

Read the Educational Vision and Principles of the Sisters of Notre Dame.

La Reina High School and Middle School

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAFounded in 1964, La Reina High School and Middle School provides top-quality education for more than 600 young women grades 6 – 12 each year. As a Notre Dame school that proclaims God’s goodness, La Reina teaches the message of Christ, develops community and family spirit, and reaches out to those in need, both locally and universally. The curriculum reflects the values of a traditional and classical education and recognizes the demands of a technological world. Visit the La Reina website to learn more.

Notre Dame Academy Elementary School

Untitled-3Notre Dame Academy Elementary School was one of the first schools opened by the sisters in California during the 1940s. Notre Dame Academy Elementary is committed to providing a strong, consistent academic curriculum that challenges each student to achieve their highest intellectual and creative potential. In partnership with our parent community we are dedicated to forming competent, confident, and caring individuals who consistently strive to be persons of moral integrity and are prepared to make a difference in today’s world. Visit the Notre Dame Academy Elementary website to learn more.

Notre Dame Academy


Notre Dame Academy High School

Untitled-4Notre Dame Academy High School is a Catholic, private, fully-accredited college preparatory school for young women, established in 1949 by the Sisters of Notre Dame. Located in a residential area of West Los Angeles, the Academy is a microcosm of the ethnically-diverse community it serves. Young women from as far north as Malibu, as far east as Pasadena and as far south as Palos Verdes with varied ethnic, social and economic backgrounds make up the progressive, talented and service-oriented student body. Visit the Notre Dame Academy website to learn more.

Notre Dame Learning Center

Untitled-5Notre Dame Learning Center Preschool provides a Catholic child care and play-based educational program, assisting each child in experiencing what it means to be a child of God. Visit the Notre Dame Learning Center website to learn more.

Saint Julie Model Primary Boarding School in Buseesa, Uganda

Untitled-6On February 2, 1998, Saint Julie Model Primary Boarding School opened its doors to 20 girls and 20 boys for primary third grade. Besides the basic skills necessary for the students to pass their final exams, called “leaving exams”, the sisters teach religion and English classes. These “leaving exams” are crucial for the students because they determine admission to further education. Today, first through seventh grade class sizes are limited to 40 students each.

Notre Dame Academy Senior Secondary School opened with twenty-two students in February of 2003. The school has over one hundred students learning in the Norte Dame tradition of excellence. Notre Dame Academy Senior Secondary School emphasizes a solid work-ethic, self respect, and personal accomplishment. Every girl is encouraged to set goals for herself and to develop a plan of action. While many Ugandan schools require rote memorization, our students are expected to apply their knowledge creatively and constructively. It is a fact of educational life in Uganda that grueling exams at the end of secondary school determine a student’s future in the system. In addition to encouraging best efforts on the exams, the Sisters of Notre Dame prepare each student to be responsible, generous leaders.