As a Sister


 “Vocations are born in prayer and from prayer; and only in prayer can they persevere and bear fruit.”
-Pope Francis



In considering religious life, you join many faith-filled women who have gone before you on this journey. The path starts by discerning a call, and continues with an exploration of community life and ministry in Christ. The Sisters of Notre Dame are here to meet you and support you no matter where you are in the journey, and to help you envision what is possible for your life through Christ’s love. We welcome vocation discerners at any time of the year for a visit. You are welcome to join with us for anything from evening prayer and fellowship to longer convent stays. To learn more about opportunities to experience our work and prayer contact Sr. Jen Zimmerman, our Vocations Director. Through conversation with Sr. Jen, you can explore ways to get to know the Sisters of Notre Dame, and determine what might be best for you. She can be reached at or 419-438-6056.

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