Notre Dame Learning Center Preschool

Untitled-13Notre Dame Learning Center Preschool provides a Catholic child care and play-based educational program, assisting each child in experiencing what it means to be a child of God.

Our Purpose and Goals

To increase each child’s security and self-esteem at an early age.

To promote the spiritual, physical, emotional, social, intellectual, linguistic and artistic development of each young child through developmentally-appropriate experiences which foster the total growth of the individual child and prepare him or her for lifelong learning.

To provide an enriching environment which allows each child to develop a sense of wonder and curiosity to meet the challenges of each day.

To provide warm, nurturing care while children are at Notre Dame Learning Center Preschool.

With a teacher/student ratio of 1:8, Notre Dame Learning Center Preschool offers preschool children early childhood education in a highly attentive and loving environment. Call Sister Carol Marie at 805-494-0304 to arrange a tour of our beautiful preschool on any weekday. Visit us online to learn more.