Memorial Mass for Sr. Emilie Ann Palladino- Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church

May 6, 2018 @ 9:30 am – 10:30 am
Our Lady of Grace Church
5011 White Oak Ave
Encino, CA 91316
Our Lady of Grace Parish Office

A message from Msgr.Jay Cunnane- Pastor at Our Lady of Grace

Sr. Emilie Ann, a longtime member of our staff here passed away peacefully last Sunday night (April 15, 2018). As you know, Sr. Emilie Ann battled several different cancers over the past six years, breast, ovarian and finally blood cancers. As recently as Palm Sunday she was here in church. She was in charge of spiritual formation and in recent years most associated with her Bible Study and Impact groups. She also always contributed reflections for the bulletin and many other things besides. Beyond her ministry here she loved Our Lady of Grace, this was her home, her community where she received support, friendship, love as well as a place to serve.
During these last years of illness and burdensome treatments Sr. Emilie Ann edified us all with her patience, her faith and trust in God, her never complaining. She was always grateful, to God, to her doctors, her community. The last thing she said to me before she got too weak and she knew the end was near was to be sure to communicate the following, “Tell the community of OLG how thankful I am for all the love, prayers and support”.

We will have a special celebration of Sr. Emilie Ann at our 9:30 am Mass on Sunday, May 6th.

May God grant rest to her gentle soul.

~ Fr. Jay Cunnane