Estate Planning

SistersBuseesaOne of the best ways to ensure that your legacy makes a lasting impact is through a planned gift. Gifts made through part of an estate provide the sisters with the resources necessary to continue our mission and to serve people most effectively. By taking a few minutes now to create a planned gift, you ensure that our ministries remain strong and vibrant.


Did you know that

  • nearly 70% of Americans die without a current will?
  • the state has a plan for the distribution of your estate if you don’t?
  • estate taxes start at 37% after your lifetime exemption (now at $650,000) and can go as high as 60%?
  • large gifts to grandchildren can be taxed at an additional 55%?
  • retirement funds are both subject to death taxes and income taxes, often leaving as little as 25% for heirs?


If you want to share some portion of your estate with a charity, all of these taxes are avoided. Your funds can be used to support the life and ministry of the Sisters of Notre Dame, thereby sharing in our mission, and bringing hope to those in need.

You can make a contribution to the Sisters of Notre Dame by designating it as a beneficiary in your will, living trust, life insurance or retirement plan account. Our legal title is:

The Sisters of Notre Dame of Los Angeles, Inc.

Here is sample language you can use in your will or trust in order to leave a gift:

“I leave to the Sisters of Notre Dame of Los Angeles,
the sum of $_____
[or] the following described property _________________
[or] ___% of the reside of my estate.”

To receive more information, please contact

Office of Mission Advancement
Sisters of Notre Dame
1776 Hendrix Avenue
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Email us at
or phone 805-917-3714

Over the years, several SND donors have inquired about reputable gift-planning professionals. To this end, A Guide to Gift Planning Professionals has been developed; it includes accountants, attorneys, insurance advisers and investment advisers/planners who are located in Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties. To receive a copy of this free brochure, contact our development office at the address above.