Community Life

Our days begin with morning prayer and daily Mass.

Untitled-7Sisters spend each day in a variety of ministries, but no matter if our service is through education, nursing, pastoral care, or prayer ministry the sisters bring a compassionate heart and the supportive prayer of their fellow sisters to their daily tasks.

Time together in community is a vital part of our day. Spending time with each other at meals, in the evening for prayer and for relaxation and fun are all important aspects of community life. Community life is a special gift for religious. Through community we form the relationships that will sustain us through all stages of life, support us in ministry, and bring us to our final resting place with peace and joy. We encourage and console each other in challenging and difficult times. We celebrate our joys and accomplishments with sisterly love and affection.

No two days are alike and each day is marked by our love for Jesus, one another, and the people we serve.

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