Retirement Fund

Untitled-24As Sisters of Notre Dame move from more active ministries into ministries of prayer and reflection, they enter the Notre Dame Health Care Center, where they enjoy skilled nursing care in a safe, enriching environment. Under the direction of licensed nursing personnel, certified nursing assistants meet each sister’s needs in a caring, empathetic and efficient manner. The nursing staff ensures that retired sisters are able to actively participate in the most cherished aspects of religious life, including Mass, prayer ministry and community life.

Faced with rising health care costs, the sisters’ retirement and disability benefits alone are insufficient to cover nursing care, prescriptions, or new medical equipment. Your contribution to the Retirement Fund ensures that the elderly sisters can cover their basic living and health care expenses, as well as any necessary medical equipment.

As our dedicated sisters enter retirement, your contribution is more important than ever. No donation is too small to make a difference to the health and care of our sisters.