As an Associate

Untitled-15“I loved getting to know the sisters at a deeper level. Their commitment to radical discipleship and to community inspires me every day.”
– Cecelia Coe, 2011 Associate






Associates of the Sisters of Notre Dame of the California province are individuals who wish to further their relationship with the Sisters of Notre Dame by sharing in the charism, spirituality and mission of the congregation. Membership in the Associate program is open to practicing, baptized Catholics, 21 years or older, married or single, both men and women.

Beyond the Pews – Lay People in Action on Vimeo.
The video above is a talk by Sister Lisa Megaffin, who leads the Associate program for the Sisters of Notre Dame.

Associate Testimonies

“The process of becoming an associate was profound on many levels. Learning more about the Sisters of Notre Dame and meeting people of faith from the larger Notre Dame community deepened my own faith and understanding.”

-Betsy Potts

“The Sisters are a loving, caring and very friendly group, always full of cheer and it is a pleasure to assist and participate in their activities as an Associate.  The Sisters are experts in the discussion and meaning of scripture, and the discussion groups with fellow parishioners are enlightening and pleasurable.  We have a good time reading and discussing scripture. We have learned the meaning and value of spirituality. We started reading recommended books and carried this into other parish groups. We recommend the Associate program to our fellow parishioners.”

-Mary Harris

An Associate of Notre Dame is asked to

•Witness to God’s goodness and provident care in daily life
•Foster a fervent liturgical and personal prayer life
•Complete the Associate Formation Program
• Participate in Associate Meetings and spirituality opportunities
•Share gifts and talents with the people of God in the spirit of Notre Dame
• Show preferential love to the poor
in the light of the Gospel
• Pray daily for the worldwide mission of the
Sisters of Notre Dame
•Look to Our Lady as a Model of discipleship

The Sisters of Notre Dame promise to

•Share their spirituality and heritage
• Provide formation and a sponsor
•Include Associates in daily prayer
•Provide support and encouragement
•Include Associates in their mission
•Invite Associates to community liturgies and celebrations
•Communicate congregational news

Associates are non-vowed and non-voting associate members of the Sisters of Notre Dame. As such they do not participate in the local or general government of the congregation. They are financially independent and the congregation does not assume responsibility for their material welfare. In turn, the congregation does not financially depend upon the Associates.

Membership Application Process

•Contact any Sister of Notre Dame of the California province
•Attend an Inquiry Meeting
•Complete and submit application for membership
•Submit two letters of recommendation, including one from a Sister of Notre Dame or an SND Associate

Applications or questions can be directed to

Sr. M. Lisa Megaffin
Notre Dame Center
1776 Hendrix Avenue
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360