Welcome home, Charles!

Welcome home, Charles!
For many active duty service members, coming home is all they think about. That was certainly true for Charles.  As an Army field medic during the Vietnam war, Charles gave his patients the best chance possible to go home. Unfortunately for many, Charles was the last face they saw.

Charles came back to the States as a disabled veteran. With no place to stay, he moved in with his parents. On a limited income, Charles had no choice but to watch his home get repossessed after his parents died.  At age 57, Charles was homeless. He moved from place to place, living in his car and sometimes people’s garages, never knowing if he would have a home again.

This fall, Charles’ dream came true. He moved into an apartment at the Ormond Beach Villas in Oxnard, a new community developed by Many Mansions.  This affordable housing project was developed for people like Charles – veterans who are low-income or homeless.
For Charles, this was an emotional day. “Believe it or not,” he said, “When I moved in, it was only the third time in 13 months that I’ve slept in a bed.”  

The Sisters of Notre Dame are proud to partner with Many Mansions andpromise our continued prayers and support for the residents, staff and volunteers. For more information, visit www.manymansions.org.