Embracing our shared future: we are better together

Embracing our shared future:  we are better together

Several years ago, Jack Johnson popularized the song, “We Are Better Together.” And this is in fact what the Sisters of Notre Dame are finding as plans unfold for the joining of the four provinces into one province in the United States in 2020. In this photo, Sr. Rebekah Kennedy gives a report on topics included in the preliminary planning.

The SNDs have been collaborating in a number of areas for many years. In 1989, The Notre Dame Education Association (NDEA) began as a network of Catholic schools, religious education programs and parish ministries. This innovation has evolved into Sisters of Notre Dame Education Office. The California and Kentucky provinces together established the Uganda mission in 1995.

Affinity groups such as vocations, spirituality, finance, health care and leadership teams have met regularly and shared expertise and collaborative ventures. The SND Associates have shared resources and activities, including two national gatherings, in 2006 and 2017.

In 2010, a grassroots proposal among the four provinces led to a movement “to embrace our shared future,” with the eventual decision to form one province by 2020. The SNDs are finding that by combining internal services, individuals and resources will be more available for mission. Indeed, “we are better together.”