Prayer Service of Lament

Prayer Service of Lament
In recent weeks, we have all been publicly informed, once again, of the widespread abusive, damaging and cruel treatment of innocent victims. These victims have been terribly hurt by persons of power within the structure of our church. In the face of increasing allegations, an intense sorrow — and even anger — can overwhelm us. For all the members of the “body of Christ” who have been carrying this burden and wound of abuse, this is an extremely difficult time. 
And as members of that same body of Christ, are we not all called to stand in solidarity with the victims; to share their pain and anguish; to surround them with the love of God; to embrace their brokenness, to serve their needs and work to try to help heal their wounds? Yes, our first duty is to hold in our hearts and in our prayers those who have been abused. We must pray, not just as individuals, but as a church. Lament means to cry out in sorrow, sharing the pain of those who have been wronged. Together in prayer, we cry out to God, in solidarity with those who have been abused, together we express our sorrow, ask God for healing and pray for the wisdom to change our systems and behaviors. 
·        Wednesday evening August 29, 2018
·        4:30 p.m.
·        Chapel at Notre Dame Center 
 Please RSVP to Sr. Marie Paul Grech at if you plan to attend.