Sisters connect in Columbus, Ohio

Sisters connect in Columbus, Ohio

In 2011 the Sisters of Notre Dame announced plans to join their four U.S. provinces into one by the year 2020. The movement was dubbed SND-USA. To aid them in the process, the Sisters of Notre Dame hired Community Works consulting firm, which has helped over 150 congregations of sisters navigate the changing landscape of religious life.

Mark Clarke, senior consultant for Community Works, agreed that the Sisters of Notre Dame are well poised to make changes.

“We are moving from congregations that were very large to what I call ‘pioneer communities.’ If you go back to the early days of religious life in this country, that’s how it began,” he said.

Indeed, the history of religious life in the U.S. is shaped like a bell-curve.

“The world doesn’t look like it did in 1960 when I entered the convent, nor does religious life or the Church. If we had been stuck in our ways we’d be gone. Our prayer should give us a fire in our belly to go out and serve,” Sister Mary Regina said.

In an effort to strengthen their relationships and move closer to their goal of becoming one province, the Sisters of Notre Dame from across the country met in Columbus, Ohio in July. Watch a video that highlights their time together.