Fourth Week of Advent

Fourth Week of Advent

Sisters of Notre Dame California
Advent Reflection Series

On the Way – The Fourth Sunday of Advent

By Sister Marie Paul Grech, SND


Where did the days of Advent go? Here we are at the fourth Sunday of Advent 2014. On Thursday of this week we will celebrate the birth of the Lord. What must have been happening on this day, just a few days before the familiar story began so many years ago? The image of travel comes to my mind. Mary and Joseph may well have still been on the way, not even anticipating that there would be no room for Mary to give birth. The wise men from the east may still have been on the way too, gazing intently on the movement of the beckoning star, certain only that they had to find what they were seeking!

In these last days of Advent, we too are on the way and have a chance to take stock of where we are on our journey. My first Christmas in the convent is a relative blur for me, except for the words on an inspiring bulletin board just outside our dining room. The words have stayed in my mind and heart all these years and speak to me of our lifelong journey:

Many people saw the star, but only a few had the courage and wisdom to follow the star that led to LOVE.

Am I looking for the star, or am I satisfied with the glitter of our times? Do I have the courage and wisdom necessary to make Gospel choices, or do I put those aside for the sake of convenience? What does following the star require of me in these final few days before Christmas? How will my celebration of the God of Love be a celebration of new life within my heart and soul?

The words of the responsorial psalm on the fourth Sunday of Advent can become my mantra this week as I take the final steps on my way to the God of Love: “Forever I will sing the goodness of the Lord!”